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DeFi Staking

What is it?

Is a unique feature native to Blockswap. DeFi staking allows users to get access to multiple validators and SLOT token rewards at a lower number of ETH than traditional validator staking netting 4 ETH in the process. Users can sell dETH to DeFi, because of dETH's redeemability and 1:1 backing to ETH, there's no need for a peg to maintain the price of dETH to ETH 1:1. This allows a single ETH2 staker to control multiple validators with much lower ETH upfront and net 4 ETH with every completed cycle. Someone with 48 ETH can control 3 validators and accumulate 24 SLOT tokens. ETH2 stakers’ can do this as many times as they like with no negative network effects. See the visual below.