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Understanding the Stakehouse Graph Playground data

stakehouseAccounts(where: { id: "${id}", lifecycleStatus: 3, depositor: "${account}" }) {
stakeHouseMetadata {
  • id: BLS Public Key of the validator
  • totalDETHMintedFormatted: dETH that has been minted for the validator. When a new validator account is created, a total of 24 dETHs are minted in the users savETH index.
  • totalSLOTFormatted: SLOTs minted for the validator. Exactly 8 SLOTs are minted per validator. 4 SLOTs will be held in the Stakehouse Vault under the user’s name and the other 4 SLOTs are minted as sETH into the user’s wallet.
  • totalCollateralizedSLOTInVaultFormatted: Out of the 8 SLOTs minted, the user will hold 4 SLOTs in the Stakehouse Vault which will bear slashing.
  • sETHMintedFormatted: Total amount of free floating sETH minted to the wallet of the user that registered the validator.
  • sETHCollaterlizedAtMintingFormatted: Total amount of sETH that is held in the Stakehouse Vault under the user's name just after the minting for a newly created validator.
  • stakehouseMetadata: Data related to the stakehouse that the validator has joined.
    • id: ETH Address of the Stakehouse
    • sETH: ETH Address of sETH token
    • sETHExchangeRateFormatted: Exchange rate from SLOT to sETH
    • sETHTicker: Ticker symbol used to identify the Stakehouse