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Fren Delegation

Fren Delegation

Fren Delegation is tooling for Stakehouse LSD Networks that allows users to stake their ETH directly to specific validators. The process of staking to a specific validator has always been possible through the SDK and will continue to be. This tool was built at the request of the Blockswap community and is intended to provide optionality and simplicity for both Node Operators and ETH Stakers in the following ways:

  1. Node Operators can source ETH directly to their validators.

  2. ETH Stakers can stake ETH directly to specific validators as Protected Stakers or MEV Stakers.

The Fren Delegation UI is very simple, providing a user experience that allows users to complete the staking process in less than 60 seconds. All users need is to connect their wallet and the public address (BLS key) for the validator they wish to stake in.

Fren Delegation UI

The Validator Details include:

  • LSD Network Name: The ticker name for the LSD Network in which the validator is staked.

  • BLS Key: The validator’s public address. This should match the validator’s address which was entered at the top.

  • Node Operator Name: The Node Operator’s smart wallet address or custom name.

The Total Delegation Available section displays the amount of ETH available to deposit for both Protected and MEV Staking. The validator must have less than 24 ETH deposited in Protected Staking and/or less than 4 ETH deposited in MEV Staking.