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Giant Pools

Giant Pools have the ability to pool ETH from users and then allocate the collected ETH to different LSD Networks getting LP tokens from those networks in return. One can only get Giant pool liquidity in their LSD Network if the LSD Network is deployed from the official LSDN Factory. If a user forks and deploys their own LSD, the Giant pool will not be able to recognize it, and the LSD Network will not be able to source ETH from the Giant Pool.

Giant Pools are of two types:

  • Giant MEV Staking Pool
  • Giant Protected Staking Pool (savETH pool)

The Giant MEV Staking Pool distributes ETH to LSDN’s MEV Staking Pool whereas a Giant savETH Pool distributes ETH to LSDN’s savETH Pool.

When a user stakes their ETH using the Giant Pools, they get an LP token of the respective Giant Pool. Once the Giant pools have enough ETH, it can be distributed to LSD Networks and thus the validators get staked. In this way, the user need not know about the LSD Network or the validator they’ve particularly staked for and yet earn rewards for holding the LP tokens.

Giant LP tokens always maintain a 1:1 ratio with the MEV Staking or the savETH Pools LP tokens.

The Giant MEV Staking Pool is same as the MEV Staking Pool of any specific LSD Network with a difference that the Giant Pool is associated with multiple LSD Networks. Whereas a MEV Staking Pool is unique to an LSD network. Same holds true for the Giant savETH Pool and the savETH Pool of an LSD Network.