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Protected Staking Pool (savETH Pool)

The savETH pool crowdsources 24 ETH per validator. This means that a user can stake as much as 24 ETH and as little as 0.001 ETH towards a single validator.

The Protected Staking Pool is free from any slashing and leaking risk. As long as the validator is staked, users will get at least 1 dETH for every ETH deposited for a specific validator. Multiple LP tokens can be burnt in a single transaction to claim all dETH across all staked validators.

A user staking more than 24 ETH will have a stake in multiple validators. A user is free to stake in multiple validators regardless of the amount of ETH (respecting the minimum staking limit).

Once the validator is staked and it starts earning staking rewards, the user can burn their LP tokens to redeem dETH and consensus layer rewards earned by the validator.