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Deployer sub-class:

This sub package deals with deployment of a new LSD network. Any user that initializes the Wizard SDK with signer instance can access this sub-class.

deployNewLiquidStakingDerivativeNetwork function

Used to deploy a new LSD network.

Input params

daoAddress: Address of the ETH account taking ownership of the, to be deployed, LSD network
stakehouseTicker: 3-5 character string for the name of Stakehouse created by the LSD
commission: Optional parameter. Ranges from 0 to 100%. If set to non-zero value, the LSD takes the specified percentage as commission from node operator's earnings
gateKeeping: Boolean. Optional parameter. If set to true, only specified node runners can join the given LSD network as node operators. Otherwise, anyone is free to become a node operator

Using the function

await wizard.deployer.deployNewLiquidStakingDerivativeNetwork(daoAddress, stakehouseTicker, commission=null, gateKeeping=null);