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Helper sub-class

This sub-class exposes utility functions that use features outside the smart contracts, such as the LSD subgraph.

getValidatorDetails function

Fetches the necessary details for a BLS public key. The values returned by the function are:

  • liquidStakingManager: Address of the liquid staking manager of the BLS public key.
  • feeRecipient: Fee recipient address of the BLS public key.
  • nodeRunner: ETH address of the node operator running the node for the BLS public key.
  • smartWallet: ETH address of the smart wallet associated with the BLS public key.
  • status: Lifecycle status of the BLS public key.
  • lsd: 3-5 character name of the LSD that the BLS public key is part of.

Input params

blsPublicKey: BLS public key

Using the function

await wizard.helper.getValidatorDetails(blsPublicKey);


An object:

{ liquidStakingManager, feeRecipient, nodeRunner, smartWallet, status, lsd }


liquidStakingManager: '0x514ca78c0f01a9ba54c6fcbd21e72314ec38157a',
feeRecipient: '0x5b850ec143041077a58e33c561d5031c9f14fb35',
nodeRunner: '0xc50f1e59513c338a4d99e03f8b46e127a20c1110',
smartWallet: '0x04b4b3d4bf403f5b4a6613c371affcb97986ff35',
lsd: 'MAGIC'