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Blockswap is a permissionless web3 infrastructure layer for multichain composable ETH (dETH). These assets are superfluid, don't require an intermediary, don't require a bridge, are capital efficient, and provide yield singularity with native blockchain cryptographic security. Blockswap's protocols introduce the new standard of tooling to build multichain and yield capturing protocols. Blockswap’s main priority is to provide an easy blockchain experience for the masses.

Blockswap Labs

Blockswap labs is a non-privileged core contributor to Blockswap DAO. They have facilitated the development and security checks for Blockswap protocols. They work to support the growth of these protocols alongside the DAO.

Blockswap Network Protocols

Blockswap Network will bring the benefits of blockchain technologies to mainstream users. To do this, Blockswap is looking at the largest smart contract asset class Ethereum. Through protocol development and a focus on Easy Mode, Blockswap is looking to bring crypto benefits to the end user.

Blockswap Network's dApps

Blockswap Network dApps are designed to bring an unrivaled user experience via Easy Mode. Easy Mode is the idea that anybody with the knowledge on how to use a web3 wallet should be able to use a dApp. The dApps are designed to enable users to efficiently and effortlessly utilize Blockswap Network’s protocols without having to write code.

Blockswap DAO

Blockswap DAO is a network DAO governed by the BSN token. Being a network DAO the goal is to create, release, test, and maintain protocols and their associated toolings necessary to support the growth and adoption of the Blockswap Network. DAO governance here.