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Blockswap Network is a web3 social capital middle layer which delivers fixed income products out of Proof of Stake assets. This includes both end user products and providing an easy to use building block for the next generation of DeFi products.

Global Objectives

PoS Stake Liquidity

With industry leading L1s moving towards Proof of Stake consensus, it's important to have a true derivative of an underlying staked asset to give redeemability for the underlying staked assets. Blockswap not only extracts liquidity, but effectively makes it available for use in DeFi protocols. Users should not have to choose between custody of their L1 asset keys and trading liquidity. Blockswap has developed non custodial, permissionless, derivative tokens which have gasless yield and can move across multiple blockchains. As higher percentages of L1 assets are staked, it's imperative users are able to have a derivative solution that is redeemable for their underlying staked L1 asset at any time while retaining management rights of their validators.

Middle Layer

Blockswap provides a substrate and permissionless tooling for developers which eliminates known choke points and liquidity issues throughout Proof of Stake networks. There’s also ancillary tools developed for super fluid syndication of DAOs and staking networks. Blockswap’s protocols are open source and developers are encouraged to use them to build the new standard of web3 applications. These features are designed to foster innovation and collaboration which benefit the blockchain community at large. This positions Blockswap's protocols as the ideal place for other projects, protocols and communities to build on.

Last Mile Crypto User

Offering a target yield of 7% on the Saver Dollar which is backed by multi-chain staked assets; Blockswap intends to deliver a product that can disrupt inequality, alleviate inflation pressures, and democratize access to fixed income asset yield to anybody in the world with a smartphone.