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Brand Central

Simply makes staking social and provides superfluid syndication for on chain governance. Brand Central provides an on chain community toolkit and hub for DAOs. Participants can create or join a specific Stakehouse. Each Stakehouse will have its own unique brand, rewards, operation, and goals. Brand Central is where each Stakehouse characterization is created. Brand managers can outline optimization parameters, decide to have strict or loose requirments to curate communities which align with a common goal.

There are two types of participants in a Stakehouse, Creators of a Stakehouse and Members of a Stakehouse. Below is a brief summary of each participant's roles in choosing to create or join a Stakehouse.

Joining a Stakehouse:

Those who decide to join a specific Stakehouse receive a primitive Goodie Bag, this is a single NFT embedded with:

  • Land (the location in the Stakehouse universe).

  • Buildings from a set list that are global to all KNOTs.

  • Character choice by those joining and listed by the brand manager.

    Goodie Bag example:

Creating a Stakehouse:

Become the Brand Manager. This role creates the rules, purpose and expression of the Stakehouse.

  • Rules: Who is allowed to participate in the Stakehouse?
  • Purpose: What will the Stakehouse optimize for?
  • Expression: The specific brand associated with the Stakehouse. The character types that future Stakehouse members choose when they join in the NFT they receive. Brand Managers do not receive a goodie bag but receive the ownership NFT.

Stakehouse and Brand Central Flow.

Alex chooses to create a Stakehouse (Alex is the Brand Manager) “Mission Apollo” Alex sets the goals for the Stakehouse and the brand characters. Each having their own story and attributes as he decides. (Pilot, Communicator, Commander, Scientist, Mission specialist, Space Walker).

Alice decides to stake a validator. Alice looks through the available Stakehouse’s operating and chooses Stakehouse “Mission Apollo”. Alice chooses Commander character, Alice stakes her 32 ETH validator, mints dETH, SLOT tokens and receives the goodie bag with the character of her choice. She receives the Commander Goodie Bag.

Choosing a certain brand character does not affect any yields to dETH or SLOT.