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Compound Staking

Post Merge, blockspace may become the most sought after resource in blockchain. Stakehouse allows users to optimize their capital by efficiently accessing a full validator’s blockspace and network revenue at the cost of 8 ETH. To do this a user swaps their liquid dETH for ETH and uses that ETH to stake another validator. dETH is backed 1:1 by an ETH within a specific validator and validators are redeemable in Stakehouse starting on day 0. Stakers can repeat this process and accrue blockspace ownership.

Taken a step further, a user could also find a buyer for their liquid sETH validator tokens. By doing this, a user could net 4+ ETH in the process of staking a validator. This would be at the cost of giving up half of their network revenue, but they would retain full management of the validator and blockspace.