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What is Stakehouse Monitoring

Stakehouse is a public benefit infrastructure designed to bring staking to the end user; The trustless and non-custodial protocol provides users a safe and transparent environment to conduct their staking business. Stakehouse has enabled users to start staking in 60-seconds or less and continues to extend that sense of easiness into the Stakehouse Monitoring tool. The Stakehouse Monitoring tool uses verifiable on-chain metrics along with presenting key indicators to provide a holistic view of indexes and validator performance.

Stakehouse Monitoring enables stakeholders and end users to track the performance of individual indexes. This tool provides users the ability to monitor individual indexes and see performance relative to other indexes. Monitoring presents an in-depth analysis of indexes and validators using on-chain data providing a non-governance, decentralized dashboard.

Currently, the monitoring tool consists of a leaderboard that tracks the best and worst performing indexes based on factors such as yield and dETH minted.