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What is Stakehouse Academy

We at Blockswap believe in simplifying processes. Through simplicity, truly complex and cutting edge products can be created. Stakehouse Academy will follow this ideal and create easy to use lego style templates for ETH developers to use to generate the next generation of DeFi 2.0 products.

Developers should not be hindered by lack of access to education and information. If access to build with multichain ETH is easy and available, the protocols that come from it can be more user friendly. If the protocols are more user friendly, that opens up the doors for new ETH participants. The way to wide ETH adoption is through education and tooling.

Stakehouse has created a connection between the ETH Execution layer and ETH Consensus layers. This is inherently very complex, but the team wants it to be easy to harness the power of Multichain ETH. The team is here to support those who want to build, and is excited to see what web3 developers create.