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All it takes to become a staker in an LSD Network is ETH. A user can stake as little as 0.001 ETH to start the journey. The users will get LP tokens in return. These LP tokens act as proof of liquidity and can be burnt later to redeem either ETH or dETH. Every validator has a unique LP token in the LSD network. The users should bear in mind that LP tokens don't earn rewards until the validator is staked.

LP tokens have 1:1 relation with the ETH in the beginning (when the validator is not yet staked). This means that a user will get LP tokens equivalent to the ETH staked and hence, as long as the validator is not staked, a user can withdraw their ETH by burning the LP tokens.

Stakers can stake in either the Protected Staking pool (savETH pool) or the Fees and MEV pool. An LSD Network has their own Protected Staking pool and MEV Staking pool.