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Rage Quit

If a validator owner chooses to exit the Stakehouse registry the validator owner can Rage Quit. This action burns the derivative tokens and removes the KNOT.

A user can only Rage Quit if a validator is eligible. To be eligible a user must have the amount of dETH associated with the validator. If that validator has leaked and the total balance is less than 32 ETH then the validator owner must Top Up the validator with the minimum amount needed to remove the KNOT. This Top Up comes from the user’s wallet. If users are not holding enough sETH to cover their redemption rate, the user will be required to supply ETH when removing the KNOT.

Rage Quitting does not remove the validator from the Ethereum network as the Ethereum Foundation currently doesn’t allow withdrawals. Thus the user can’t unstake their ETH. However, validator owners retain their Ethereum validator on the consensus layer. Find the guide on how to complete a Rage Quit here.