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The Concept

Stakehouse enables two main value additions to the staking community.

First, is an AMM which sits as a registry for the Ethereum Deposit Contract (EDC) and validators. At any point the registry can reconcile which wallet owns which ETH in the underlying validators. This allows the protocol to then mint derivative Ether tokens (dETH) and derivative liquid validator tokens (SLOT) with 100% redeemability and accountability. This is done in a trustless form and without custody; Stakehouse never holds onto a user’s ETH or validator keys. Stakehouse doesn’t collect commissions. The protocol acts as a value add layer to all those looking to stake a validator or access validator yields. Stakehouse will provide staking and validator rewards at mass and allow for commercialization of validators.

Second, is by making staking social, allowing communities to be built and Superfluid syndication of staking communities through Stakehouse Brand Central, more on this later.

Multicahin ETH gives unique features and opportunities associated with dETH and SLOT.

  1. Stake a 32 ETH validator with the Ethereum Deposit Contract through the Stakehouse registry.
  2. Stakehouse AMM mints 24 dETH and 8 SLOT (4 to collateralized pool, 4 to wallet) to wallet.
  3. Sell or purchase tokens.
  4. dETH and SLOT are redeemable for ETH anytime.