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Stakehouse SDK

The Stakehouse SDK is a NPM package which can be used by anyone who wants to interact with the Stakehouse Protocol to:

  • Interact with the Balance Reporter smart contract
  • Retrieve a finalized epoch report from the Beacon Chain
  • Authenticate the finalized epoch report
  • Update their increased ETH balance
  • Register the validator
  • Join a Stakehouse
  • Withdraw dETH
  • Batch withdraw dETH
  • BLS Authentication

The SDK also provides utils sub package which can be used to:

  • Self Authenticate the Keystore password
  • Format data to ensure that hex data types are correct
  • Get the lifecycle status of a validator
  • Generate BLS credentials which are Stakehouse ready
  • Sign a message to authenticate the user for off chain interactions
  • Form Deposit Data SSZ Object
  • Get the last Deposit Index
  • Get a KNOT's dETH balance in an index

The constants sub package provides:

  • Contract addresses used by Stakehouse
  • URLs used by Stakehouse

For more detailed description about the above mentioned features, visit the Stakehouse docs.